We specialize in Medical Transcription with a combined eleven years experience in the medical field.  We also specialize in custom document preparation including resumes, business advertisements, and business flyers.  This site is brand new and is under constant construction.  For now, feel free to contact William Alexander at wdp.doc.svcs@live.com.  Thank you for your interest.  

ABOUT US --   

William Alexander, the Director of Operations for our company, has been in the medical field since June of 2001.  He started as a claims processor for First Coast Services Options, Inc; the Medicare Part B carrier for the state of Florida.  After time in the Government sector, he relocated to Ohio and went to work in the private sector for the Ohio State University Medical Center as the supervisor for Medical Billing, Coding, Transcription and Charge Entry.  He has extensive experience in transcription in all specialties, including Acute Care, Operative Reports, Discharge Summaries, History and Physical Exams, General Surgery, Orthopedics, and Family Practice.   We are dedicated first and foremost, to meeting our clients expectations of both productivity and quality.   We strongly believe that quality transcription and editing is more important that any amount of quantity that lacks accuracy.   We are accepting all clients as of currently.   We offer very competitive rates, and we guarantee our work.   We can meet and turn around time that your facility requires, be it 24-hour TAT, or 48-hour TAT.   Please use the "contact us" page to get in touch with someone regarding pricing and to see more samples of our work.   Thank you for considering WDP Practice Management Services for your transcription or document editing needs.   


10/28/2009 -- NEW! NEW!  We have opened up the WDP Linux Store.  Click on the link in the header to be directed there.  We now offer ALL distributions of Linux for a flat rate of $4.95 to cover the DVD, handling, and shipping costs.  We have every flavor of Linux, and what we don't have listed, we will make for you on a custom install DVD.  Check it out!!

10/07/2009 -- Products page opened.  We have begun to offer computer software such as OpenOffice.org, Linux, and Office 2003 on our products page. Check it out.

07/22/2009 -- Coming soon, you will be able to place your order online, fully automated.  

07/21/2009 -- WDP annouces intention to pursue larger contracts, and hires a new employee.

07/19/2009 -- WDP Services re-opens after a brief hiatus. 

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